Go Green

In this age of Global Warming, we, in our way, make all possible efforts to save energy by doing little things in our work environment that can (and will) make a big difference for the coming generations. Some of the small efforts we make are…

  • Each member is given his/her water bottle instead of glasses. The bottles are washed every few days, not daily.
    We Save : Water that would be needed to wash the glasses everyday.
  • The office space is conceptualized in a way that there’s natural light for nearly 2/3rd of the day. Thus, most of the lights are switched off for most of the day.
    We Save : Electricity, nearly 75% of it.
  • Tea/Coffee is served in biodegradable disposable plastic cups.
    We Save : Water that would be needed to wash usual plastic/glass cups.
  • Food is served in recyclable paper plates.
    We Save : Water that would be needed to wash crockery.
  • TFTs are used instead of CRT monitors in 100% of computers.
    We Save : Extra Electricity that CRT monitors consume.
  • UPSs are used for power backup instead of power generators.
    We Save : Noise Pollution, Air Pollution, Fuel.
  • Extra computers are switched off unless required.
    We save : Electricity.
  • Laptops are used wherever possible instead of PCs.
    We Save : Extra Electricity that PCs consume as compared to Laptops.
  • Whenever possible, team members are allowed to work from home.
    We Save : Fuel that they may use for commuting.
  • Air Conditioners and Fans are used only ‘when required’.
    We Save : Electricity.

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