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Mobile Application Development

We excel in developing applications for iPad/iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and WinMobile. The world has gone tech savvy and in the new web world, we are frequently using some or the other mobile applications. The availability of wide range of applications shows its significance and popularity in today’s time. These applications are pre-installed or downloaded from various software platforms. Mobile applications help users by linking them to Web services accessed on desktop or computers. It also helps in making it simpler to use the Internet on transportable devices.

A mobile application can possess different utilities like website bookmarking, instant messaging, emails and other applications. These applications are made to entertain, educate or help consumers in their routine lives.

At EyeforWeb, we develop applications for:

Here are some of our latest works…

Veg Logistix



Cover Me

  • CoverMe helps you quickly compare U.S. coverage maps between the major cellphone providers. Quickly search by street address, zipcode, or your current GPS location.
  • A quick and easy access point to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint coverage maps.
  • Link:

BlueStar EDDToolkit

  • The BlueStar E-Discovery Toolkit is a useful application for attorneys, paralegals, litigation support staff, and clients who need more information about common processing, review and production questions. As a service to our current and prospective clients, we have put together a tool that provides valuable reference resources to give clients an idea how much their E-Discovery may cost and how long the process may take. Along with a glossary of terms and a handy data-to-documents/pages conversion calculator, the application is an essential tool for the e-Discovery practitioner.Conversion Table

Cover Me

Valentine Love Scanner – A must try for all the lovers…Give it a shot!!!

Version 3 Updates:

  • Bugs cleaned
  • Works fine on all devices.
  • Problems with frozen screen: fixed
  • Problems with music not stopping: fixed

BlueStar EDDToolkit

  • April fool pranks is here to make your april fool day much more fun! <(^.^)> HAPPY APRIL FOOL DAY TO YOU ALL. <(^.^)> BE CAREFUL & BE SAFE!!! Prank or be Pranked!
  • April Fool Pranks is for those who love playing practical jokes. If you are willing to fool your friends but don’t know how, April fool pranks is the right app for you. April fool pranks helps you fool your friend, boss, parents or anyone for that matter.

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